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Nicole K.

“The construction and development of the Lokahi Life Center, PLLC website was seamless because the team at Therasoft was professional and experienced. They were instrumental in helping us to develop a website that reflected our style and philosophy of patient care. Early in the process one of the developers contacted me and assessed not only a gestalt of what our company wanted to communicate but she also queried about specific detailed information that led us to form a website unique to our company mission and goals. The team guided us through the process making suggestions and recommendations along the way. They were quickly responsive to changes we made and even incorporated original pictures that best reflected who we are as a company. I am recommending the Therasoft team without reservation.”

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Our Philosophy when marketing for therapists

Marketing for therapists is an art especially in the digital realm. An attractive website stems from relatability and understanding the audience's mind, and providing a solution that addresses their needs builds credibility and trust. Ultimately, good web design will put the audience first while delivering a clear message that addresses their needs.

About us

Therasoft® has been providing business solutions for therapists in all states since 2009 and expanded internationally. Therasoft® is designed from the perspective of a therapist to prioritize the needs of the patient and mitigate the chores of running a business. Ultimately, our team is passionate and dedicated to providing therapy clinics with everything they need for success.